UP.2.DATE, Exhibition in Breda, at Electron, the 18th August 2006

UP.2.DATE, curated by IDFX, at Electron, Breda, Netherlands
18th August –17th September 2006

In the interactive sound installation Breda Monster a camera is used to track the movement of people through the space, in which Winderen has positioned a number of trigger points. She has entered pre recorded sounds of nature into a computer, and as people move through the space the sounds are distorted and made disharmonic as people move and gesture under the spotlights, actually determining the composition of the sounds. When there are no people in the space the sounds revert to recognisable background natural sounds, such as the gentle lapping of waves. A bench is placed in the space, inviting people to sit and contemplate the soundscape. An LCD screenon the wall next to the performance space displays a spectrogram of the sound as it changes according to visitors' interactions.

Coding by Jørgen Larsson

Thanks to Office of Contemporary Art

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