Jana Winderen

Laboratorie de lárt et de léau, Fieldtrip to Normandie, from 9 June

Research residency at the Laboratory of Art and Water together with journalist and photographer Agnès Villette. The project is initiated by Esam Caen-Cherbourg (Art Academy) invited by Thierry Weyd, Professeur enseignement histoire et théorie, responsable de l'axe "Matière et matériau" du Laboratoire de l'art & de l'eau and Camille Prunet, Research Coordinator chez école supérieure d'arts & médias Caen/Cherbourg.

Find more information here as the project progress.

Find a video report for a project to restore the river L’Orne here. It is produced by the Agence de l'eau Seine-Normandie and CATER.

Will be recording and working by and in L’Orne by L'ENFERNAY (St Rémy) and l'usine LE CHAMEAU (Condé sur Noireau).

L’Orne seen in infrared:

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