Jana Winderen

Ilulissat, Greenland, October 2009

1st October - 8th October, Ilulissat, Greenland. Field trip to make underwater hydrophone recordings for the project Passing Place/Mobile Homes with Zoe Christiansen and Julia Barclay.

1st October:

.mov file looking towards the Noth Pole

Overlooking Kangia towards the Inland ice.

2nd October:

Disco Bay

3rd October

It has been snowing overnight. Worked with a Telinga parabola microphone to catch the sound of the large ravens passing over the Kangia ice fjord.

Working with the Telinga to catch different dog houls as a stranger loose dog passed by.

Ilulissat harbour. In the next few days I will be working from a boat with hydrophones.

4th October. Been snowing heavily all day. Recorded atmos of wind and snow by the Icefjord. Boat postponed until monday...

Clearing up over Disco Bay.

5th October

3 track hydrophone recording in Kangia.

Ilulissat towards Disco Bay

6th October

0600 HRS recording with 50 meter and 25 meter hydrophones in the vicinity of halibut and close to Kangia.

Recording with 2 hydrophones close to the beach in Ilulissat.

7th Ocotober, recording with 2 x DPA in Rycote the sound of dog sledging.

Kim preparing the dogs for the trip.

photos: Jana Winderen

photo: Julia Barclay

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