Jana Winderen

Sandane, Briksdalsbreen and Brenndalsbreen 2007

26th April – 6th May on the west coast of Norway, to the glacier Jostedalsbreen and various sites near Sandane. Watch the blog from the project here

You can listen to hydrophone recording from 1 meter into the slushy ice on the surface of Brenndalsbreen here

and 10 meters into a crevasse in Brenndalsbreen here

27th April: Recorded the glacier front at Briksdalsbreen by DPA hydrophones

You can listen to hydrophone recording frombriksdalsbreen calving uder water here
(please note that the MP3 compression destorts the file)

photo: Jørgen Larsson

29th April: recorded the avalanches from the Josteddalsbeen to the Brenndalsbreen with two omni 4060s

Recorded a crack in the glacier with two DPA hydrophones, one meter and seven meters into the ice

Steve Roden and Jana Winderen

Steve Roden

Steve Roden, Marc Behrens, Bjarne Kvinnsland, Are Frode, Jana Winderen, Chris Watson and Mons.

more photos and sounds from each day of the trip will be possible to look at and listen to here in a few days

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