Jana Winderen

UUO, Unidentified Underwater Observations

In relation to the exhibition in Färgfabriken opening from the 1st to 3rd April 2008, you can find links to other seamonsters and stories which come up during the time of the exhibition.

The KREV Ministery of UUO opened on the 17th March 2008, see KREV news here

The local Sea Monster in Storsjön has its official website here

Stories related to it and sounds found in Storsjön will be put here.

For a long time Norway has been a center for sea- and ocean-based monsters. Here there have been sightings of monsters in about 50 lakes and towns along the coastline. In 1522 it was reported that a sea monster existed in Mjøsa. The monster was long and had several colours. It had a horse head with a long black mane. The monster became stranded on a cliff where it was killed. It started rotting and infested the air until they were forced to burn the cadavre. Later such clear proof of the monster's existence was not able to be proven. The large population of Seamonsters in Norway is interesting from a Sweedish perspective. The Swedish population is concentrated around the old Norwegian areas of Sweden, Jämtland and Bohusläan.

Seljods ormen is a famous Norwegian Sea monster. Find more information on her here

Older stories of Sea Monster sightings in Norway ( in norwegian) here

Database of Norwegian Seamonsters here

Stories of Nessie and other Lake Monsters here

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