Jana Winderen

Dark Ecology & Arctic Encounters forum, Verdensteateret, Tromsø, 15 June 2016

Jana will be in a panel with Berit Kristoffersen, Marit Reigstad and Bodil Bluhm moderated by Hilde Methi, talking about the Seasonal Marginal Ice Zone in the Barents sea. The seminar is organised by Arctic Encounter and Dark Ecology team with Hilde Methi and the University in Tromsø at Verdensteateret in Tromsø.

This one-day event features how objects, landscapes and seascapes in the Arctic matter ethically, politically & aesthetically. Featuring key thinkers, curators, artists, artwork and short films the audience is invited into dialogue about the Anthropocene, the ice-edge, indigeneity and much more!

The program

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