Jana Winderen

arriving in Ilulissat Greenland 28th June

mov file looking towards the Noth Pole

29th June: Recording at the Icefjord by Ilulissat, Kangia, coming from the glacier Sermeq Kujalleq. Ilulissat Icefjord is from 2004 on the world Heritage List, UNESCO. Ilulissat is Greenlandic for the icebergs.

Recording with 2 DPA hydrophones by Sermermiut and in Kangia

Recording with 2 4060 DPA omnis

You can listen to recording from this site here

1st July:

recording pieces of ice

You can listen to a piece of hydrophone recorded ice here

mov file going into the ice

Recording 20 meters down in the icefjord by Ilulissat

2nd July:

Recording with DPA hydrophone and 2 4060 omnis at the calving glacier Eqip Sermia
Adam Grim, the captain of the boat
Eqip Sermia is part of the inland ice of Greenland, this glacier arm is 3 km wide and 100 meters high

You can listen to recording from the calving glacier here

3rd July:

Recording by hydrophone at Kangia, close to the icebergs.

David sailing the boat from which the recordings where done this day.

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