Jana Winderen

Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, Carlton, Australia, 07 December - 17 February 2018

Super Field is an immersive sonic and visual exhibition that highlights the work of Australian and international artists engaging with remote regions and their communities. In these places reside marginalised or displaced communities, extreme climate, endangered wilderness, and the corrosive effects of industrialisation. The works respond to a complex set of social, economic, political and environmental issues to deepen understanding of these places and their communities.

Partisipating artists: Natasha Barrett Benoit Bories Matthew Berka David Burrows Madelynne Cornish Yannick Dauby Lawrence English Hughes Germain Martin Kay Slavek Kwi Jay-Dea Lopez Douglas Quin Matthew Quomi Philip Samartzis Polly Stanton Michael Vorfeld Chris Watson Jana Winderen

RMIT University
French Institute
Municipality of Toulouse
French Alliance in Australia

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