Jana Winderen

8th - 11th February, Field trip to the Coquet river

Jana will be going back to the river Coquet for additional recordings the 8th February.

Following the river Coquet running over the boarder between Scotland and England from its source to the mouth to record the river and its inhabitants. Invited by Rebecca Shatwell for the AV festival, Newcastle 2010 in collaboration with the artist in residence at the Environment Agency, Laura Harrington.

Kaffe Matthews and Lee Patterson are also commissioned to the project Rivers.

Jana Winderen will work with local marine biologists, to study the ecology of the river including the indigenous fish species.

Kaffe Matthews, Lee Patterson and Jana Winderen will be performing their work in The Sage Gateshead in Newcastle the 14th March 2009.

Find information and images from her two field trip to the Coquet river here

Find the AV festival program here

The river Coquet running under Warkworth bridge.

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