Jana Winderen

freq_out 4, Sonambiente festival, Berlin

1st June - 16th July 2006
1st June - opening of freq_out 4 in the vault under Schlossplazt during the Sonambiente festival in Berlin, freq_out 4 is curated by Carl Michael von Hausswolff. Transportation to all Sonambiente venues from Akademie der Künste at Pariser Platz at 6pm.

Sonambiente program here

freq_out 4 is a sound installation consisting of 12 individual sound works. These are presented as one sound installation. The individual soundworks are made on site during 4 days. The artists are allocated a frequency range and make an unique soundwork within their frequency area.

The artists participating in freq_out 4 are:

Tommi Grönlund/Petteri Nisunen (FIN) Finnbogi Petursson (ISL) Franz Pomassl (AT) BJNilsen (S) Jacob Kirkegaard (DK) Mike Harding (GB) Kent Tankred (S) Jim G. Thirlwell (US) PerMagnus Lindborg (S) Jana Winderen (N) Maia Urstad (N) Brandon LaBelle (US)

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