Jana Winderen

HÖHENRAUSCH 2018 - Das andere Ufer, Linz, Austria, 24 May - 14 October 2018

Das andere Ufer
24.5. – 14.10.2018
Opening: 23.5.2018
is an exhibition project that presents contemporary art in unsusual venues, high above the rooftops of Linz. Born in 2009, the year Linz was Cultural Capital
of Europe, it has has become one of the best known trademarks of culture in Upper
Austria with more than 100000 visitors each year.
, the austrian festival for contemporary and experimental music was
invited to take part at the Höhenrausch 2018 in Linz.
Das andere Ufer
(the other coast)
– is the title of Höhenrausch 2018. Water is the central theme of this years edition.

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