Jana Winderen

LYDBANK, presented by Lydgalleriet at the Borealis Festival, Bergen 14th March 2007

A one day exhibition in the bank Sparebanken Vest, Kaigaten 4 from 08.30 - 15.50 by Leon Milo, Jørgen Larsson, Maia Urstad, Jana Winderen, Thorolf Thuestad and Jørgen Træen as part of
Borealis Festival 07

The artists works was presented in between the bank workers desks and daily activities, in the doorway, stairs and in the vaults.
Jana´s sounds was based on hydrophone recordings in and arround the glacier Vatnajökull, hydrophone recordings of catfish in the warm river Ping, melting of ice arround a frozen down hydrophone in the river Akerselva, melting of snow in Norway, canals and rivers in various location arround the world.

Jana also sent small sampels of melting ice sounds by Bluetooth to the public in the bank, for them to bring home or to play together as miniature public consert by mobile phone.

You can listen to the soundfile that was sent to the publics mobile phones in the bank via Bluetooth here

Find more sound exhampels here and here

There was a LCD displays in the bank of the glacier Vatnajökull and instructions of how to receive the Bluetooth transmitted MP3 files.

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