Jana Winderen

On This Beach, Helgumannen, Fårø, Gotland 12 June - 23 August 2015

Started installing On This Beach at Helgumannen in collaboration with Riksutsällingar, Jesper Cederlund and Oscar Engberg for the project GutelLjaudKarte initiated by Mats Lindström and Sten Melin, produced by Sten Melin at Visby International Centre for Composers in Visby, Gotland. A two month exhibition in public space all around Gotland from June 2015 for two months. Opening the 12th June.

Other participating artist includes: CM von Hausswolff, Christina Kubisch, Åsa Helena Stjerna

Jana will be showing the sound installation "On This Beach". The installation is run by solar power in an old wooden boat and a boathouse on the site Helgumannen, north on Fårø in Gotland. It will consist of two site specific compositions based on underwater recordings composed at the site.

The sound is played back on transducers that makes the boat and the boathouse resonate the sound compositions, which is based on underwater recordings from around the equator. 400 million years ago this beach were situated on the equator.

Find images from the field trip to the site here.

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