Jana Winderen

11th and 12th June, opening of the pemanent sound installation 6 hours and 12 minutes

The commissioned permanent sound installation "6 hours and 12 minutes" in the Hamsun centre, Hamarøy, Norway is opening the 11th June 2010.

The sound work is based on sounds Jana has recorded in and around the lagune Glimma of snails, sea urchins and fish from different seasons the last year.

Jana will continue to add new sounds into the installation, so it will consists of 8 different compositions which will change according to low or high tide and the time of year.

The installation is placed in a balcony overlooking the Glimma. Glimma is dominating the sound environment surrounding the Hamsun centre and it is changing according to tidal changes and seasons.

Audio software and installation consultancy by Tony Myatt and Oliver Larkin, Music Research Centre, University of York, UK.

Nordland Fylkeskommune and KORO have commissioned Jana to do a permanent sound work for the Hamsun center, drawn by the architect Steven Holl. The other commisioned work will be made by Stenberg/Sørensen (Erle Stenberg og Elin T. Sørensen). The artist consultant is Anne Karin Jortveit.

Find images of the Hamsun center at Steven Holl website here.

More information about the Hamsun Center can also be found here.

Find images from her earlier field trips to Hamarøy here.

photo: Jana Winderen

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