Jana Winderen

Recordings for Sleppet at Folgefonna glacier, Rosendal and Hardangerfjorden

A continuation of the work for the exhibition Sleppet, Grieg07. Janas project is based on recordings done by hydrophones following the water ways from the glacier Folgefonna, down through the valley towards Rosendal, then into the Hardangerfjord and into the North Sea.

The project is supported and organised by Grieg07 and curated by Jørgen Larsson. Thanks also to Vederlagsfondet, Notam and Folgefonni Breførarlag

Approching the blue ice at Folgefonna.

Recording with 2 DPA Hydrophones 25 meters down into the blue ice crevasse.

Recording with Hydrophones by Vikane, near Ølve.

Recorded enormous amount of fish chatter, probably pollack, haddock and cod.
A sample will come here later. Two Harbour porpoise past bye while recording.

Making a four track recording with 4 x 4060 DPAs of the sound of 4 waterfalls, three rivers and a smaller beck running into the valley by Rosendal, just before the water which originated from the Folgefonna glacier, runs into the Hardangerfjord.

2 x DPA Hydrophones just above Rosendal

Hardangerfjorden on the way to Bømlo, where the Hardangerfjord runs in to the sea.

Hydrophone recordings at Langevåg and Rolfsneset at Bømlo of large amount of fish speech at 02.00 at night to awoid boat motors.

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