Jana Winderen

Silencing of the reefs, Dardanella, Belize 3 -14 December 2012

Jana is staying on the vessel Dardanella to record reefs and mangrove habitats for the ongoing project Silencing of the reefs in collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary.

Silencing of the Reefs is an ongoing project that investigates the soundscapes of reefs and their neighbouring ecosystems and orientate themselves to the acoustic environments they inhabit.

Reefs are under stress; they have ecosystems that are very sensitive to changes in temperature, acidification and also to sound pollution. How well can these habitats adapt to the rapid change they are experiencing today? Are the changes too fast to adjust to, and are we just documenting the changes happening without being able to do anything about them? Will the reefs be silenced before we even have had the chance to listen to them and even begin to fully understand these fragile ecosystems?

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