Jana Winderen

Classified, Opening concert commission for Borealis festival, Bergen, 8 March 2017

Classified was a comission by the Borealis festival.

How is sonar and seismic testing affecting the underwater sound environemnts and the creatures living in it? How is human created sound influensing communication, orientation and huntung for fish, crustacea and mammals under water. Which expereinces have been done over the last hundred years both from the military, from local fishermen and from scientists.

Jana performed Classified inside the Marine InstiuteĀ“s storage warehouse byt the harbour as part of Borealis opening concerts. She precented the work on 8 spekaers and 2 SUBs places in the whole length of the space.

Find an article in Ballade about the piece here.

Thanks to FFI, Forsvarets Forskningsinstiutt for the sonar ping sounds and great help and information, thanks also to Aquadyne Holding for all the help.

On the 9th of March Jana also partisipated in a panel cheared by peter Meanwell, discussion between Knut Korsbrekke, Geir pedersen and jana Winderen about the sound enviroments under water, both biological and human created.

Find the Borealis festival program here.

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