Jana Winderen

The Listener, performance, Caen, 25 November 2016

Jana perfomed the piece "The Listener" on a 6 speaker installation during the opening of Second Nature which is the exhibition part of the 3 year long project Nature and Renaturation: A Sensory Overview of a History of Changing Watercourses.

Initiated by Thierry Weyd, Esam Caen-Cherbourg (Art Academy) and Camille Prunet, Research Coordinator chez école supérieure d'arts & médias Caen/Cherbourg.

Associated artists in the project is Agnes Villette, Thierry Weyd, Camille Prunet and Jana Winderen. Many others are also associated to the project through their knowledge and involvement in the issues at stake in and by the river Orne. More details later.

Find images and some information about the last fieldtrip here.

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