Jana Winderen


1. Musiquemachine, UK

Find an interview with Jana in musiquemashine here.

2. Cutting Edge, Belgium

You can read an interview with Jana by Peter Wullen in Cutting Edge, a Belgian online magazine, here.

3. NRK, Norway

Jana was interviewed by Sopzofia Paszkiewicz for the program Mozart and Madonna on NRK P2 12th July 2010. (Program no longer online)

4. SR, Sweden

You can listen to an interview with Jana Winderen on Ström, SR 21st April 2010 here. (Program no longer online)

5. The Morning Line, Austria

Jana was interviewd by Hans Ulrich Obrist for the book "The Morning Line", edited by Eva Ebersberger and Daniela Zyman for Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary.

6. Ballade, Norway

FInd an interview with Jana by Ida Habbestad in Ballade here.

7. Morgenbladet, Norway

Find an interview with Jana in the Morgenbladet newspaper. (Click on the images for the full articles).

8. Tokafi, Germany

You can also read an interview in Tokafi here.

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