Jana Winderen

Heated: Live in Japan | CD [Touch # Tone 36, 2009]

Jana Winderen - Heated: Live in Japan [Touch # Tone 36]
Limited Edition CD - 2 tracks - 27:54

CD in full colour wallet
Artwork & Photography by Jon Wozencroft

Track Listing
1. Tetsuro Yasunaga 1:25
2. Jana Winderen 26:29

Live performance at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, 24th October 2008. Source material recorded with 2 x 8011 DPA hydrophones, 2 x DolphinEAR/PRO hydrophones and 2 x 4060 DPA microphones on a Sound Devices 744T recorder in Greenland, Iceland and Norway.

Following Tetsuro Yasunaga's spoken word introduction, here unfolds Jana Winderen's blistering live set from her recent trip to Japan as part of 'Norwegian Music Today'. Her first CD, Heated follows her only other release to date, a 7" vinyl limited edition, Surface Runoff, on Autofact [USA, 2008]. Improvising from recordings taken on field research trips, she forces the power of the hidden to the surface, making the unheard audible. Its a strange world down there; a world of which we know little, replete with its own instrumentation and orchestras. Tapping into these, Jana's vision encourages us to explore the fertility of the oceans...

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The work with the installation was supported by NBK, Norske billedkunstnere.

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