‘In the Field’, Symposium at British Libary, London

On 15 -16 February the British Library will be holding a two day symposium that seeks to open up and explore the practice, art and craft of field recording through a series of panel presentations, listening sessions and screenings. Starting from the early days of field recording, In the Field aims to relate the multitude of contemporary field recording practices to their historical precedents and investigate issues in contemporary practices. These include: How field recordings are distributed to and heard by an audience; Recording the unheard; Mapping the urban; and questioning the extended nature of the field in a digital networked landscape. Participants include:

Chris Watson (http://www.chriswatson.net/)
Jana Winderen (http://www.janawinderen.com/)
Des Coulam (http://soundlandscapes.wordpress.com/)
David Velez (http://davidvelezr.tumblr.com/)
Felicity Ford (http://www.thedomesticsoundscape.com/)
Mark Peter Wright (http://mpwright.wordpress.com/)
Udo Noll (http://aporee.org/)
Christina Kubisch (http://www.christinakubisch.de/index_en.htm)

This is a joint venture between the wildlife sound section of the British Library and CRiSAP (part of the London College of Communication, University of the Arts) and is part of the Sounds of Europe project.