freq_spark (four corners)

freq_spark (four corners) curated by CM von Hausswolff

freq_spark (four corners) is the third cycle of installations that started with freq_out in 2002 until 2016 and continued in 2020 with freq_wave.
This time, we are focusing on the element fire.
freq_spark (four corners) involves 48 artists, curated by CM von Hausswolff, that in one way or another works with sound; either as sound-artists, composers, musicians or concept artists. Each working with their allocated frequency area for a one minute composition to be placed inside 4 mixers that will be available online. As the mixer will be interactive, the listeners will be able to mix the sounds themselves.

The link to the mixers and lists of artists will appear here when they are live.

Frequency ranges the artists will be working with for their 60 seconds composition:
50-60 Hz
60-75 Hz
75-90 Hz
90-140 Hz
140-180 Hz
180-250 Hz
250-350 Hz
350-500 Hz
500-1000 Hz
1000-2000 Hz
2000-5000 Hz
5000-12000 Hz